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In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time
Pages: 194
ISBN: 1440561974
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Why, oh, why, oh, why….I loved the beginning of this book, but then I was just so mad at her and then at him, I found myself powering through till 3am to make sure their happily ever after came to fruition

I love a second chances love story. So think of a marriage gone south and the younger (much hotter) friend of the ex-husband stepping in and making all your wild fantasies come true. Then just when he has you believing in all his candyland stories, he pulls the rug out from under you and leaves you hanging…literally

“I love you, but…” does not work for me in real life or my books. Nick’s character was all in with two feet and his full heart, but then, bam! Gone. I totally did not understand him, his motivation or his lack of follow through. Nick was not deep enough for my liking. He had issues, he really should have stayed and talked to Holly. And Holly doesn’t get off that easy either. That girl was a mess and only succeeded in dragging Nick into her mess and messing up his life. She really needed a wakeup call and she needed to stop floating through life at the whim of men.

Rant out. These two were good and steamy and that made the book. The whole first 2/3’s of Nick trying to woo Holly was awesome! Check this book out and then tell me what you all think…Enjoy!

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