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In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time
Pages: 194
ISBN: 1440561974
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When I read the blurb I was very intrigued.

In the beginning I found nick to be a really sweet and romantic. He was such a cute romantic, he was very patient with holly. When holly was still married to his mentor, drew, he developed a crush holly. Of course she was married, and he didn't want to become a home wrecker.

It's been a year since holly divorced her now ex husband, drew. She's currently 32 years old and she really wants to settle down and have kids of her own.

Ok good storyline, but there were also parts of this book that just really frustrated me. Nick is 26, 6 years younger than Holly. I don't like how holly felt like she knew what was best for nick. Nick is obviously pouring out his heart for her, and she's basically saying its just a phase and it'll pass when someone else shows up. For a majority of this book nick is trying to show holly how perfect they are for each other.

THEN a twist happens and the tables completely flip. Nick is now the one backing away from their relationship, and it just disappoints holly because she was FINALLY ready to make the relationship work between them. These 2 just really frustrated the hell out of me.

I did like the side characters though. I found Sophie to be quite the intriguing character. And Dominic is just a nice man. Nick is lucky to have him as a father.

Thy do eventually get their HEA, but it took some time, and you need the patience to not want to punch out the characters.
*this copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review

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